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Welcome1 to the world of Ash and Steel. Check out our great features we have planned for our Early Access Steam Release. Learn more about the world in our Lore tab and see gameplay footage in our Media tab. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or interests you might have. You can keep up to date with our progress on our Development Blog!

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Please excuse our appearance, we are currently hard at work capturing the magic of Ash and Steel in footage for your early viewing pleasure.


  • Become the ultimate melee warrior or the best bowman in the realm

  • Most advanced combat system in virtual reality. The faster you strike the more damage you will do. Block and dodge in real time while in room space.

  • Harness the powers of stealth, time manipulation, and possession.

  • Climb the highest peaks and descend into the deepest caves

  • Use your cunning and wits to evade your enemies and proceed unseen

  • Amass fortunes of gold and countless pieces of unique armor and weapons

  • Procedural generation of weapons and armor and an intricate upgrade and crafting system means there is always a way to get stronger

  • Set out on dangerous missions against warriors, beasts, monsters and the evil of the world